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RAP Bank is the Instant Commission Marketplace with Extremely Exclusive Features

RAP Bank allows you to promote 100's of products, submit your RapidActionProfits products, and obtain exlusive Reports, Features and Affliate opportunities - all under one-login and one-roof... RAP Bank!, from ONE login id.


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Affiliate Center and Tracking on 'Roids!

Increase your productivity tremendously, and track any and all of your own RAP Bank listed products, or other products promoted "over-the-top" and dead-simple Affiliate Center - allowing you to manage your business and affiliates more easily.

No more logging into individual products' reseller areas to view your clicks, sales, refunds, statistics "at-a-glance". If you own or promote more than one product - this feature alone is worth trying our service for free!


Exclusive Reports Point Your Way to Profits

We provide you with exclusive reports that give you the "what's hot" amidst the products listed on RAP Bank! Hottest Ratings, Trends, Clicks, Comments and overall Performance reports direct you to how and who you should promote!

In addition, upgraded VendorPlus Members receive incredible and powerful insight into the 'trending' of each report, so you can get the 'inside scoop' on products' performances over 1 day, 2 days,... 1 week, 2 months... even over its lifetime! Invaluable information!


Massive Traffic and Exposure for Product Owners

We are a destination for people searching for a product to market... whether single product, group/category/niche of products, simply market a specific vendor's products, or promote an entire marketplace! Now they'll use RAP Bank for each and every one of those scenarios... click here for more!

In addition, approved RAP Bank Products get ridiculous attention through our Featured Product Listings, Various Product Listings/Reports, even a Vendor's Total Products Listing page and many more ways!



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Launch Your Online Income


RAP Bank is the only, "One-Stop" Resource, for finding and promoting the most amazing products offered by pre-qualified merchants - offering Instant Payments via PayPal™ on countless products from all niches!

Loved by thousands of affiliates promoting well over 1,000+ uniquely selected products!




Feature-Rich Marketplace!

exclusive, profitable and exhaustive

exclusive reports, tools, promotion tools, to...

over hundreds and hundreds of products to promote for instant commission, no fees, and...

ridiculous features for those with and without products to list, make RAP Bank...

the last stop you'll need in promoting instant commission products along with building a brand name / image with benefits beyond what anyone would even begin to ask for!

go ahead, take a peek at all of our exhaustive features and stay awhile....

Upgraded VendorPlus Members receive even more insightfully clever and premium access features to add more profitability to your promotions and efforts!

now, VendorPlus members can build customized product lists

In addition, Upgraded VendorPlus Members now get 'Build Your Own Corner Office' access/benefits - which allows anyone who's just an ordinary affiliate to build a pseudo-VendorPage that allows them to cherry pick what products they want and place it there for them to promote.

Get all the details on the Features Page.

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Also, as a "Thank You" Bonus for signing up TODAY! We want to give you the 'Official RAP Bank WordPress Plugin' Absolutely FREE. This plugin, was previously priced and sold for $47) is provided as a "Thank You" BONUS! - at absolutely at NO cost to everyone - both FREE (non-Upgraded) *and* VendorPlus (Upgraded) Members. This plugin is insanely simple to install/use, extremely comprehensive, flexible, professional and (most importantly!) profitable to use!


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Advertise with RAP Bank, and enjoy 1,000s of impressions per day in a niche, hungry market of consumers and affiliates.
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wordpress plugin Profitable Product Exposure
Advertise with RAP Bank, and enjoy 1,000s of impressions per day in a niche, hungry market of consumers and affiliates.
learn more »

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